About me


… Maîtresse  Blanche  is a 36 years old French mistress with 10 years’ experience.

She will welcome you near Fontainbleau (77), in her ‘GNC’ (Gynarchic Nurse Clinic), in her ‘Crypte Blanche’ (Paris 3), or abroad when she travels for short session or even longer stay.

She likes dominating you from a sadistic and psychological angle.

If she is keen on playing with different kind of ropes, they can change according to her mood. Though she may accept to discuss a scenario with you beforehand, what she really likes above all is to seize the moment and to improvise along the tide of desire and the feelings of fear.

Her personal preference is to use safewords to build trust as the key to a quality experience, a deep dive into the dark and disturbing areas of sadomachism.

What she expects from you? 3 words only: devotion, cleverness, reliability.

what she likes…
… A bit:

foot worship– homework–  trampling–  face-sitting– public exhibition– school games– kidnapping or military games– wax play– maid training– forced feminisation

… a lot:

drowning and suffocation play – enemas– sensory deprivation– humiliations–  orgasm denial– water sports–  adoration – cuckholding – ballbusting– shaving hair and hairs– food play – religious games – tickling

… Above anything else:

corporal punishments and whipping– medical games – electro stimulation– fist fucking and anal play– mummification and plaster –  spanking  – tits torture – chastity – branding – age play  –  ABDL – services – needles

… not at all:

 bondage– zoophilia– blackmailing– suspensions– lack of hygiene


where to find maîtresse blanche?
* June 13 & 14: Sessions at JusticeRoom, Paris 20
* June 21/26: Lausanne, with Lady Syene
* Early July: Inauguration of GNClinic#2
* 5, 6, 7, 13, 14: Duets with Maitresse Euryale at GNClinic#2
* July 7: Boudoir Infernal, very special edition
* July 16: ABDL Daycare with Inanna Justice
* July 17/19: Duets with Miss Scarlet at GNClinic#2
* July 22/23: The first "WE de Milady"


The Gynarchic Nurse Clinic is the new Maitresse Blanche dungeon, near Fontainebleau, 77.

It’s a place specially dedicated to medical fetishism, with a complete hospital room and a secret room for the most terrible examinations and operations.

However, the Nurses’ room contains a cage with a more prison look.

Mistress White receives there only for long sessions after a strict selection process. The main approaches it offers are as follows:

… hospitalization and medical fetishism
… nursing and abdl
… domestic discipline
… religionplay, guilt and expiation (possible coupling with medicalplay)

Crypte Blanche

The ‘Crypte Blanche’ is located somewhere in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

The approach is specific: interrogation, forcible confinement, corporal punishment and expiations, only.

Fire, silence, dust, half-light, the jingling of chains, and the cracking of the whip are the watchwords … During a descent … to the confines of hell …


To have the chance to meet her during a session, you must write to her, introduce yourself and tell your experience, reference, motivations and limits. Then, tell Maîtresse when you would be available for an appointment



And for those who are brave (gentleman)  enough to offer her a gift, you can rest assured that she will be pleased and will return the favour. You can be sure she will be pleased  and  to curry some favour with her

Maîtresse Blanche likes art, erotic drawings, new technologies, champagne, lingerie, leather, flowers, medical accessories and uniforms and … surprises.

Her size chart: Shoes: 5 (UK), Waist: 8 (UK), Gloves: 6.5, Made to measure: please contact her


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